The “Ultimate Solution” -What’s it worth to YOU?


How can it be that West Virginia citizens are amongst the poorest, unhealthiest, and least educated in the U.S. when our Great State has long been recognized as one of the richest states of all?


Outsider extraction interests are by far the most powerful businesses within our borders.  This particular sector has a blatant history of only backing candidates that are willing to surrender our State to be their sacrifice zone – at the dire expense of our sustainable, local businesses.  That explains why West Virginia’s health, education, and well-being have always suffered miserably. Monolithic rule by corporate-owned leaders has produced an unholy partnership between the two major parties and their corporate-owned media.


Jesse Johnson of the Mountain Party is running for Governor.  He is the only major Nominee that has pledged to protect our Constitutional rights, invigorate our economy, enhance our com- munities, protect our environment and unleash our education system. Like you, Jesse strongly believes that a Governor should always place the best interests of the people above that of the outside corporations and their banksters.

Jesse needs your help to implement his bold, innovative plan to bring well-paying, sustainable jobs to our State, based on plain old common sense.  

Since the Mountain Party’s founding, Jesse Johnson has always shunned the legalized bribery of corporate campaign contributions.  Without your help, it may be impossible for us to spread the word about Jesse’s solutions, or the fact that West Virginia’s Mountain Party even has a Nominee for Governor.

West Virginia has been circling the drain for far too long.  Jesse can put a stop to it.  Donate what you can, and/or pledge some of your time to promote this truly grassroots campaign for the singular Nominee that Statesman Ken Hechler  called West Virginia’s “Ultimate Solution” today.

Together we can make all the difference in the world. Right here in WV.

Tom Rhule
Director of Communications
Mountain Party of West Virginia
phone: (304) 581-3005

All donations should be directly addressed to:
P.O. Box 456
Pinch, WV 25156


3 thoughts on “The “Ultimate Solution” -What’s it worth to YOU?

  1. Karen White

    WV needs Jesse Johnson now more than ever. If the people in WV would just WAKE UP and realize this our State would be so much better off!!

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