Jesse Johnson files for Gov. of West Virginia, Declares State of Emergency

The last time Jesse ran, beloved West Virginia Elder Statesman Ken Hechler called him West Virginia’s “Ultimate Solution”.  Since that time, the situation in West Virginia has begun to flatline.

Governor Tomblin pushed through an “Everything Goes” Marcellus bill which fails to adequately protect West Virginians from the deadly toxins and legalized private property abuse by the drilling industry. Senator Manchin’s lawsuit against the EPA, carried forward by the Tomblin Administration, has now caused West Virginia’s rural communities to be abandoned from all federal protections of their water supplies.  Never forget that it took the EPA to step around Manchin’s industry-compliant DEP chief to prosecute Massey energy for violating the Clean Water Act in WV over 4,000 times!

That’s why Jesse Johnson of the Mountain Party has filed to run as West Virginia’s First Responder Nominee.  Under its current political dynasty, West Virginia’s health, education, and well-being have decayed to the point where the Great State of West Virginia is now a Constant State of Emergency.  Outsider extraction interests – by far the most powerful businesses in the state – are once again only backing candidates that are willing to surrender our entire State to be their sacrifice zone –at the dire expense of local sustainable businesses.  The result is a monolithic rule by West Virginia’s corporate-owned leaders, who through their incredibly well financed campaigns have developed an unholy alliance between the two major parties and West Virginia’s corporate-owned media.

Jesse is the only major Nominee that has a bold, innovative plan to bring well-paying, sustainable jobs to our State.  His common sense plan includes protecting our Constitutional rights, invigorating our economy, enhancing our communities, protecting our environment and unleashing our education system. Jesse strongly believes that a Governor should always place the best interests of the people of West Virginia above that of the outside corporations and their banksters, and rejects the legalized bribery of corporate campaign contributions. His grassroots campaign is calling on all citizens to think like “First Responders” to reject attempts by both opposing camps, along with their corporate-owned media, to vote for the lesser of two evils out of fear and panic.

The Mountain Party of West Virginia

Contact: Jesse Johnson


Telephone: 304 581-3005
Cellphone: 304 541 9841

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